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Brief Descriptive articles (approximately 30) on the history and/or early practice of medicine in Nova Scotia, researched and written by Dr. Allan Marble, and appearing on The Medical History Society of Nova Scotia’s website as Vignettes:


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Gloria Stephens;  Positive Initiatives from a Disastrous Explosion.

Gloria Stephens; The VGH Alumni Connections to the Name Florence Nightingale.

Gloria Stephens; 1917 – The VG Hospital and the Halifax Explosion.

Gloria Stephens; VG Nurses and Staff who Served Halifax Explosion 1917.

Gloria Stephens; Nursing Activities first Promoted in Canada & Maritimes.

Gloria Stephens; Early Tuberculosis in Nova Scotia.

Gloria Stephens; Suffrage Organization in Nova Scotia: Council of Women.

Gloria Stephens; #7 Dalhousie Stationary Medical Unit WWI – A Nursing Perspective.

Jon Tattrie, CBC Interview with Gloria Stephens; The Nurses who Repaid Halifax’s 1917 Debt to Boston.


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History papers concerning Nova Scotia Pharmacy presented at the annual meetings of the Nova Scotia Pharmaceutical Society and published in the Proceedings of the Annual Meetings of the Nova Scotia Pharmaceutical Society (1928-1940):

1928 – W.L. Ormond. The Pioneer Druggists of Cape Breton
1929 – R.C. Fuller. Cumberland County
1933 – L.V. Harris. History of Pharmacy in Digby County
1933 – W.L. Ormond. Pharmacy in Pictou County
1933 – L.V. Harris. Pharmacy in Annapolis County
1935 – W.L. Ormond. Pharmacy in Antigonish County
1935 – W.L. Ormond. Pharmacy in Guysboro County
1935 – L.V. Harris. A Brief History of Pharmacy in Shelburne County 
1936 – W.L. Ormond. Pharmacy in Colchester County
1936 – L.V. Harris. A Brief History of Pharmacy in Yarmouth County
1937 – H.D. Madden. The History of Pharmacy in Queens County
1937 – H.E. Wilson. The History of Pharmacy in Hants County
1938 – George T. MacDonald. History of Shelburne County Drugstores
1938 – H.E. Wilson and G.C. MacDougall. History of Pharmacy in Kings County
1938 – W.L. Ormond. The Hospitallers of St. John of God, Louisbourg
1940 – Henry Curtis. Pharmacy in Halifax
1940 – W.L. Ormond. Dispensers of Charity (Louisbourg 1716-1758)


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